Saturday, 12 February 2011

Medieval Market 2011 - the promotional video that cost us 6,000 (y pico) euros! Enjoy....we paid for it!

Here is the video link:

The fiasco of the buses to & from the Medieval Market has been well documented throughout the week!

So moving on but staying with the subject of the Medieval Market, I wondered if many of us living on the Coast or in the pedania of Entre Naranjos saw this promotional video? Seems that it has received more than 4,000 views to date (sadly at least 8 are mine & only AFTER the event, watching  with incredulity & wondering............... "why?") 

In case you decide not to watch the video for yourself, I should tell you that it´s a "VIRTUAL" production, SADLY THE MONEY USED TO PAY FOR IT WAS "REAL" & THE MONEY USED TO PAY FOR IT WAS "OURS"!
(I know it cost more than 6,000 euros because I was in the January Pleno when the PSOE asked the cost; I can remember the 6,000 euros but not the figures that followed the 3 noughts...... anyway the important bit is that it cost over 6,000 euros & 6,000 euros can pay for quite a lot of more essential stuff!).

The story is that of "Origor & the Last Cross". Setting the scene for the street theatre of the 2011 Medieval Marke and propaganda concerning the current legal battle about the future of the Orihuela Cross.

And .......propaganda for the metaphorical Princess Lorente (whoops....Lorena!).

Was it some 6,000 euros well spent?

Did it attract some 6,000 euros worth of visitors?

Was it successful........ &if so, for who? on May 22nd 2011 will it encourage voters to say,
"Yes please, we want 4 more years of frivolous, uncontrolled spending of our hard earned cash by the PP!"........................
or  will the savvy, discerning voters SHOUT A LOUD RESOUNDING "ENOUGH! NO IT´S FINISHED!  NO MORE!"

On May 22nd it´s up to You, You decide!   

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